External Gas Filter

The external gas filter must be installed between Spirflame® and the BOOSTER. Do not place between Booster and Torch.
Do NOT put a gas filter between BOOSTER and Torch. The filter would absorb and remove till the filter is saturated alcohol vapors from the gas flow. A gas flow without alcohol creates a pure, aggressive, very hot and pale almost invisible 2H/O flame. Pure 2H/O flames can and tend to flash-back during the extinguish operation through the Torch flame arrester filter. This is like operating the Booster without, or with a too low level or a contaminated Booster fluid.

  • Keep Prefilter cool. Do not install inside a warm machine cabinet.
  • Drained fluid in container can be re-used and added to the di-water or directly into the Spirflame tank.

Filter GCF-900

The GCF-900 is supplied with the Spirflame®. It is only a laboratory type of a filter. For automated applications, bigger gas filters like the FGG-H-A must be used.



Filter FGG-H-A

The complete external Filter Assembly (FGG-H-A) is composed  of a stand (FGG-T), the filter body (FGG) with s.s. cock at bottom to empty the trapped residues from filter bowl.
The FGG contains a standard grade disposable filter cartridge (FPG-10.X1). The gas filter FGG-H-A MUST be used on automated flame applications. The long-term stability of the flame improves considerably. Deposits of residues at the tip orifices at Torch is reduced or completely avoided.


Heavy Duty Gas Pre-Filter FGS-10-..

For highly automated applications and to increase the life of the standard FPG filter element in the FGG filter housing, there are additional large capacity Pre-Filters (FGS-00-02-H and FGS-00-06) available.
Ask for detailed informations. The pre-filter can also handle higher gas rates, eg multiple SF units working parallel into a gas distribution system. Without such a pre-filter the doubled or tripled or multiplied gas flow would saturate the standard FGG-H filter within a few days or even hours and ask for frequent replacements of the internal cartridge FPG-10.