Akademie für Gestaltung, Munich, Germany

The Akademie für Gestaltung owns one Spirflame® Karat250 for their teachers and students.

Once a year, Giovanni Corvaja teaches a workshop Drawing the line between order and chaos. Additionally you get an brief introduction of handling the microflame welding machine Spirflame®. Thus a wide field of experiments and inspiration will open for you.

In this workshop Giovanni Corvaja introduces you into the cosmos of thin and fine wires. He will show you ways to so far unseen pieces of jewellery in which it is hard to believe that they just base on simple technique and – patience.
Giovanni Corvaja is looking forward to introduce theory and practice to you and share his results of his private research about wires of gold and platinum with you.

For more information about the classes and workshops, please contact the Akademie für Gestaltung directly.

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Bildungszentrum München
Akademie für Gestaltung
Mühldorfstraße 4, 81671 München
Phone +49 (0)89 450981-63
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e-mail:    akademie.gestaltung@hwk-muenchen.de
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