Miniaturized CelsiStrip® labels (MicroCelsi®, MiniCelsi®) made by Spirig are also available in a mini-sized form to fit small electronic components, like IC packages. The image very clearly shows on this MiniCelsi® by the permanently blackened 60 °C spot that at some time in the past this IC surface had passed the temperature level of 60 °C, but had never exceeded the next temperature value of 71 °C. This 71 °C value is still at its original white colour. Exceeding the 71 °C would have permanently blackened that level too. Therefore it is possible to give accurate and reliable proof on the maximal temperatures ever reached during the component history.

The following Micro-CelsiStrip® is available from stock:

MC-060/093: 60 / 71 / 82 / 93°C

Custom arrangements are possible.