Spirflux® 330

Spirflux® 330 is a water based, organic nature, soft soldering flux fitting into the German DIN Norm 8511 F-SW 23-25. Spirflux330® is used on metals (not on light metals like Aluminium) which will not properly solder with conventional even highly activated rosin based fluxes.
This avoids the need to use more aggressive acid based fluxes of DIN group F-SW 11 and 12.

Spirflux® 330 is a water soluble, highly solder- and base material- wetting formulation whose residues are easily dissolved in ordinary tap or distilled or De-Ionized (demineralized) water. A water cleaning procedure usually is the least costly method as it avoids any solvent or other VOC vapour creating cleaning fluids or formulations. In the ideal case the residues from the Spirflux330 application are almost chemically neutral and depending on the application might be left on the soldered areas. Attention: However cleaning is mandatory on any electric or electronic circuits on which a developing minor conductivity could create a problem.

Spirflux® 330 is a concentrated solution which can be diluted, depending on base material, up to three times with DI water.

The User will have to test on his own that the Spirflux 330® is fit for his application task. Spirig does not take any responsability that the Spirflux 330® performs properly.

Spirflux® 330 is available in bottles of 1 liter. Please ask for a quotation.

Spirflux® is a registered trademark of Spirig Switzerland.