Electronic Torch Igniter

The torch end / nozzle is laid down on the microswitch located on top of the TorchMate®. The microswitch triggers a series of powerful spark sequences in the tunnel like spark chamber. In image at right, the spark tunnel is behind
the shiny metal mask. The spark's needed high voltage originates
from an internal electronic high voltage generator. The power is supplied by two long lasting standard 1,5 volt AA batteries. Batteries are located in a compartment at bottom of TorchMate®. Be it a Microtorch or a heavy Cutting torch, gas ignition by the TorchMate® is always highly dependable.

Due to the repetitive powerful sparking even ignition on ultra-heavy duty torches is just a snap. Dependable ignition lowers risk of operators handling such heavy torches. Ignition on tiny Mini- or Micro torches is also dependable. The sparks move around in the spark tunnel and will "find" the tiny gas clouds emitted by very small tip torches. No fiddling until nozzle catches the ignition.

The housing body of the TorchMate® is a massive aluminium casting. The housing will
withstand the 'grilling' power of even a heavy torch. Electronics and the high voltage circuitry are completely encapsulated and resist rough handling. Rough handling might however involve several shades of intensity, especially in the heavy welding business ... due to completely potted circuitry repairs are not considered. The highly economic price allows a simple exchange of damaged units.

TorchMate® model TM-01
Part number: #11104
Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 75 mm high
Weight: 350 grams