The Spirflame® Advantages

The SPIRFLAME® multiple electrolysis cell generator delivers an hitherto unknown stable, easily adjustable, automatically fully thermally stabilized, dependable and highly reliable precision heat-source.

The SPIRFLAME® is used for:
single or multiple flame torch installations, 100% duty, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week industrial manufacturing applications, critical laboratory applications, or just as the ideal microflame torch for the dental laboratory or for the goldsmith in need of a very precise heat source to work on fine and delicate gold, platinum or stainless steel (dental wire) parts.

The perfect mixed and heat stabilized micro-flame has, in contrast to any other men-generated flame, almost no side heat radiation.

The <Spirflame®> has, despite its small pinpoint size, a high energy concentration and allows therefore a rapid heat transfer minimzing heat conduction into nearby heat sensitive parts.

The efficient heat-transfer of the <spirflame> is ideal for soft soldering because, at given mechanical parameters, <spirflame> size (defined by tip size and gas pressure), thermal mass of the parts and heat conductivity of the parts:

  • the heat transfer of <spirflame> does not depend on a mechanical contact nor on the surface conditions of the parts to be soldered. Truly contactless soldering.
  • the temperature of the object exposed to the flame depends at given mechanical random conditions only of the duration the flame contact with the object.

This is the "secrect" of the many successful automated microflame soft soldering applications found in steadily increasing numbers all over the world.

The automotive electronics (post-crimp leadfree alloy filling of crimps,...) are one of the main markets in <spirflame> soldering applications because, compared to the electric soldering iron technology, cold solder joints can be 100% eliminated.

The flame core temperature is constant due to its fixed 2H:1O ratio, but can be modified (lowered) by additives (alcohols) mixed by the BOOSTER into the gas flow to the torch. Basic additive fluids are Methanol or Isopropanol.

The flame heat energy depends on the volume of gas combusted per second. The gas production rate (volume per second) is electronically fully controlled and stepless adjustable between 0 (zero) l/hour to the max 250 l/hour (model 250HP).
Higher gas rate models can be custom designed or user can daisy chain multiple Spirflame® generators which then will automatically coordinate and synchronize gas production.