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Spirflame® Applications

The highly concentrated, needle like flames produced by the Spirflame®  have a well defined heat zone with almost no side heat radiation. There are many, many successful applications used all over the world.

  • Soft Soldering, semi- or fully automated, also on pc-board.
  • Brazing / Silver Soldering of fine / delicate parts (like capillaries,..) and up to mass heavy parts.
  • Welding of enameled (lacquered) copper wires (magnet wires) used in electric motor and transformator assembly, inclusive high temperature class magnet wires welded directly to terminal posts.
  • Welding and fusion of platinum wires in manufacture of thermocouples.
  • Localized annealing  of precision mechanical parts, like turned parts for use in connector assemblies.
  • Cutting & Separating of very hard or tool life shortening wire materials, like glass or carbon reinforced structures.
  • Melting / Closing of glass veals / tubes used in microlamps, reed contacts, pharmaceutical glassware.
  • Heat shock separation of scribed glass tubes.
  • Flame polishing of plastics, like complex Plexiglas® / Acrylic glass shapes.
  • Plastic Surface Flaming to increase ink or glue adheasion to PE, PP or to Epoxies used in semicon encapsulation.

The availability of the patented Spirflame® technology has allowed to integrate flame application tasks into automated assembly systems.


Brazing / Welding


Spirflame® Gas Supply Networks

Over the past 30 years of manufacturing Spirflame®s we have gained a rich and varied application know-how. Take advantage of it and take a look at some samples. Please also download our applications on pdf on the right column.

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Spirig / Spirflame® can do free sample work and evaluation of application tasks within certain limits. First contact us describing your potential application. If available do send jpg images by e-mail.  Send samples postage prepaid. Over the years we have gained a lot of practical application know-how. Take advantage of it.