How it works

The indicators' white thermosensitive area (triangle) calibrated to a specific temperature level turns irreversible (permanent) black when its rated temperature is exceeded.

  • Accuracy ±1%.
  • Changes in less than one second.
  • The thermosensitive area is hermetically sealed against moisture, oil, grease, fuels, solvents, water and steam.

Pull the selected, flexible, self-adhesive CelsiStrip® or CelsiDot® from backing paper. Place on a cleaned surface for maximum contact and adhesion. That surface temperature is now monitored for hours, days, months or even years, as long as the indicator is attached.

CelsiStripping or CelsiDoting is the most economic, dependable and easily applied temperature recording method.

  • No equipment
  • No special skills

Apply and forget until you inspect.


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